The p1440 Champions Scholarship Program acknowledges and rewards well-rounded athletes that outperform in three distinct areas: Academics, p1440 Tournament Performance, and Community Service.

Champions Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship Categories


Performance in the classroom is as important as performance on the sand. NCAA Division I requires a minimum 2.3 GPA to be recruited to play. p1440 Champions Scholars must maintain the same minimum. Although, the higher your GPA, the higher you score in this category.
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Tournament Performance

Playing in the East or West Coast Winter Championships or the Futures Tour (excluding the Virginia Beach stop) earns you points towards overall p1440 Tournament performance. Points increase as you play and win.
Learn about the p1440 point system.

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Community Service

p1440 believes in giving back to empower community development. Volunteering is cited to improve skill sets, social skills, and mental well being. The minimum hours required is 14, but the more hours you have, the higher you score.
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