Congratulations to the Class of 2023
Lucci Alexander
Gella Andrew
Julia Anisimova
Annalyse Askew
Ally Bunch
Camryn Chatellier
Olivia Clines
Kennedy Coakley
Clover Crenshaw
Lily Dee Davis
Isabel Day
Molly DeCasas
Liv Diaz
Kealy Dirner
Reagan Elizondo
Alexa Fernandez
Isabella Gamache
Karynn Garrow
Madison Goellner
Ella Grimes
Forbes Hall
Grace Hong
Brynn Hughbanks
Kenzie Hultquist
Ella Keeven
Abigail Lagemann
Isabella Lagemann
Landyn Langham
Lennox Langham
Olivia Le Blanc
Caroline Mackechnie
Sydney Majick
Ashley Markle
Skylar Martin
Myriah Massey
Izzy Masten
Janie McCanna
Olivia McElroy
London Merchant
Zoey Mitchell
Vanessa Moriarity
Ella Mozeleski
Olga Nikolaeva
Isabella Ocampo
Ashley Pater
Sally Perez
Hailey Peterson
Milan Ray
Bella Reyes
Savannah Riley
Brooke Rockwell
Alina Ryan
Aracelys Sanchez
Mia Scanlon
Bella Scherfenberg
Dreya Scherfenberg
Kayleigh Schmehl
Jordyn Scribner
Danica Singleton
Emma Soncrant
Piper Stephenson
Zara Stewart
Claire Sun
Amelia Taft
Brielle Taylor
Britain Taylor
Hannah Taylor
Zoe Taylor
Mollie Thomas
Ashley Torsone
Trinity Tran
Kaileigh Truslow
Sarah Wilcock
Ava Williamson
LeeAnn Wise
Shaye Wolf
Sarah Wood
Sloane Woolwine
Haylee Wright
Faith Young
The goal of the fab50 program is to bring together the top athletes our sport has to offer in order to train, compete, elevate and grow. Iron sharpens iron, and this program is meant to do exactly that. p1440 and our dedicated staff worked not only to enhance your individual volleyball skills and capabilities, but to elevate the entire sport of beach volleyball via this program and our Fab 50 ambassadors. Our focus is to prepare you for battle on and off the court and to also help build your personal name brand awareness through our platform.

Let's hear it from the players, coaches, & parents!

"Each of the summits created new opportunities for me which I would have never thought imaginable. The opportunity to train with a large variety of athletes, work on my mental game, and create new relationships was so valuable to my growth not only as an athlete, but as a person.

So thankful for p1440!"
Bella Gamachie
"The fab50 is one of the greatest collections of junior beach volleyball talent ever assembled. The intense training takes players to another level and the players push each other to get the best out of themselves."
Brett O'Keeffe
Club Director/Coach
Stealth Beach/AZ
"In my 30 years of coaching, I have never seen a program that values the person and the player more than the fab50 program does. Not only did the players receive the highest level volleyball instruction, but also mindfulness, mental and emotional health education, recruiting advice, and the gift of being able to connect with girls from all parts of the country that love beach volleyball. It is truly the best program for young women I've ever been involved with."
Desiree Phelps
Kahiau Beach/WA
"I have been blessed with the unique opportunity of being a parent and a coach, and it has been a beautiful experience from both angles! These young ladies are receiving some of the best lessons in life; to give selflessly, to work hard and dig deep in all that you do, and to find balance within your own mind and body!"
Camisha Hubanks
"The fab50 program placed the top athletes in their sport together in a competitve environment where every girl was driven to learn and grow. More importantly though, this program provided opportunities for deepened friendships and meaningful emotional growth. The physical training and the expert speakers coupled to combine an optimal experience for these young ladies. My daughter is forever enriched because of this program!"
Kim Majick
"The fab50 is a great opportunity to meet amazing people and coaches. The community within athlets and coaches is so strong. The drills are strategically focused in a way that every athlete gets a ltitle better with each touch. At the same time, the game play at the end of each summit is competitive yet friendly at the same time."
Sydney Majick

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