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Rules and Regulations for Beach Volleyball

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What kind of coaching opportunities are there?

• Club Beach Volleyball Coach
• High School Beach Volleyball Coach
• College Beach Volleyball Coach
• College Assistant Beach Volleyball Coach
• Professional Beach Volleyball Coach

How do I become a beach volleyball coach?

There are many ways in which you can become a beach volleyball coach, however, the type of coach you want to become is determined by your level of education and experience, a background check and the required certifications. If you simply want to coach at a beach volleyball club, talk to the club director first. Some clubs may allow you to jump right in as a coach while others may require you to complete specific coaches training in which case, they will give you more information on how you can complete that. If you want to become a high school beach volleyball coach, you will have to apply through the district or school. Since most high schools require their coaches to also teach, you will have to go through them to make sure you fit all of their requirements on education, experience and pass a background check. If you want to become a college beach volleyball coach, you will similarly have to go through the school to make sure you fit all of the requirements expected from a beach volleyball coach. Becoming a college assistant or volunteer assistant coach will entail similar, but possibly looser requirements for coaching. Contact the university beach volleyball coach for more information on their requirements to get the job. To become a professional beach volleyball coach, you will need to satisfy international beach volleyball coaching requirements. This entails online or in-person training to get certified as a legitimate professional coach. Below are a few links with more information on how to and where you can get certified
Beach Coach CertificationFIVB Coaches Courses

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