Why We Need to Change the Game

80% of college beach athletes are not on full scholarship
Clubs sports can cost families up to 10% of their monthly income
148% increase in injuries, like torn ACLs in juniors over the last 10 years
While beach volleyball is one of the fastest going collegiate sports with a 500% increase in NCAA teams since 2011, it continues to be underfunded. Rising costs of club sports are pricing out many youth athletes before they can even get to the college level. Even professional beach volleyball players can struggle, where earnings come from tournament prizes and endorsements, and vary greatly between athletes. With increased demand, competition is at an all time high, forcing junior athletes to overexert themselves to risk of injury and burnout.

p1440 is working to provide access to play and stronger opportunities for those at every level


Youth in under-resourced communities lack exposure to beach volleyball, but p1440 Foundation has developed summer and afterschool programs for elementary students, introducing them to the game and basic skills to live a healthier life.


Expensive club sports are increasingly competitive, inducing physical and emotional stress on teens. However, p1440 has high-impact programming, including mindfulness, recovery, nutrition, personal brand, and more, to develop well-rounded and holistic individuals prepared for their athletic careers and beyond.


Increased number of NCAA beach volleyball teams but a lack of funding in the sport creates a hyper-competitive landscape for athletes entering into college. p1440 provides opportunities for mentor support and exposure to college coaches via clinics, tournament stats, and more.

Using beach volleyball as a vehicle for change to inspire those in our community to 
live their best lives
"I have been blessed with the unique opportunity of being a parent and a coach, and it has been a beautiful experience from both angles! These young ladies are receiving some of the best lessons in life; to give selflessly, to work hard and dig deep in all that you do, and to find balance within your own mind and body!"

- Camisha Hubanks

"In my 30 years of coaching, I have never seen a program that values the person and the player more than the fab50 program does. Not only did the players receive the highest level volleyball instruction but also mindfulness, mental, and emotional health education, recruiting advice, and the gift of being able to connect with girls from all parts of the country that love beach volleyball. It is truly the best program for young women."

- Desiree Phelps

Director of Kahiau Beach
"Coaches were awesome. They taught us a lot over the 4-day experience and overall have really changed us and made us better volleyball players. It’s been my favorite camp in awhile. This one was phenomenal."

- Dylan

Youth Camp Participant
"Each of the summits created new opportunities for me, which I would have never thought imaginable. The opportunity to train with a large variety of athletes, work on my mental game, and create new relationships was so valuable to my growth not only as an athlete, but also as a person. So thankful for p1440."

- Bella Gamache

Junior Athlete

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